Readers at the Roller Derby OLD

What is Readers at the Roller Derby?

In 2018, bestselling author Elicia Hyder had a dream of combining two of her greatest loves: Books & Roller Derby. So with the release of her first roller derby novel, LIGHTS OUT LUCY, Elicia decided to do a different kind of book tour. Readers at the Roller Derby was born.

Join Elicia Hyder and some of her amazing author friends for a night of books, brawls, and Bay Area Roller Derby!  Proceeds from the event go to support the XXXXXXXXXXXXX

August 25, 2018
The Venue at the Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA

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Author of Lights Out Lucy
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Elicia Hyder
eL’s Bells #55
[gem_quote no_paddings=”1″]Bestselling author Elicia Hyder skated as eL’s Bells with the Nashville Rollergirls. After a black eye, a broken finger, a severely pulled groin, and two knee injuries, Elicia hung up her skates to focus on a safer hobby—writing.


She has fictionalized her experience in her latest novel, Lights Out Lucy: Roller Derby 101. More novels are to come in the Music City Rollers series.[/gem_quote][gem_divider margin_top=”115″]

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